Tooth Extraction


  • 虫歯がひどくなる。或いは汚染がはやる。
  • 他の生える歯を邪魔する。
  • ひどい歯周病で周りの膜や骨を悪化する。
  • インプラントのために抜く
  • 顎骨の関節で残る歯。
  • 歯がひび割れて修復ができない。
  • 口腔に出られない歯。
  • 頭や首あたりに光線かけられて、その歯を抜かなければならなくなる。





Post-extraction healing

Following extraction of a tooth, a blood clot forms in the socket, usually within an hour. Bleeding is common in this first hour, but its likelihood decreases quickly as time passes, and is unusual after 24 hours. The raw open wound overlying the dental socket takes about 1 week to heal. Thereafter, the socket will gradually fill in with soft gum tissue over a period of about one to two months. Final closure of the socket with bony remodeling can take six months or more.


1. After a tooth extraction,blood will fill the socket forming clot.

2. This is gradually covered by gum as healing progresses.

3. Looking closely into the socket, blood clot that fills the socket gradually turns into the granulation and eventually bone.