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Dental Promotions

Invisalign One-Price 159,000 THB

Decide your brightest smile our TDH Invisalign team with highest Invisalign Tier Level in Asia Pacific. ** Please note: prices and conditions in this document may be subject to change without notice.

Be First and start now! Invisalign® FIRST, All-in 150,000.-

Invisalign® FIRST for baby teeth. One-price, All-in 150,000.- and other free gifts worth 65,250.-

Veneers Porcenlain Natural White Color

Veneer is a procedure to adjust the teeth features. With high expertise and special techniques from our dentists, the result will look just like natural teeth, not doubtful, not too thick.

Rescue your teeth rapidly with Zoom! White Speed

Zoom! White Speed, a safe teeth-whitening process that can adjust to 8 levels* whitening level. Installment via credit card 0% for 3 months

Metal Braces, easy installment plan and no extra pay.

3M Metal Braces, easy installment plan 4,500 x 4 moths and 2,000 x 20 months. Free!! Retainer

Damon Clear Braces No extra pay!!

Damon Clear Braces No extra pay!!. Easy installment plan up to 23 months. Free Clear Retainer value at 6,000 Baht

Fulfill your smile, replace the missing teeth with “Dental Implant”.

"Life is good with new teeth" to fill your smile Replaces lost permanent teeth. “Dental implants” start at 59,000 baht/teeth *This price includes tooth crowns.

FREE !! Oral Health Consultation

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