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What is dental implant ?

Dental implant is a titanium screw designed to replace natural teeth root to replace the missing teeth area. The implant can be used with dental crown, bridge, and removable denture. The treatment is highly popular nowadays because it is effectively functional, has good usage sensation, as well as good appearance from its natural look.

รากฟันเทียม ฝั่งรากฟันเทียม ราคา

Components of dental implant

  1. Fixture (Implant) (Fixture) It is an artificial root made of titanium, looks
    like natural teeth root, uses to embed within the jawline bone without any
    side effects.
  2. Abutment (Abutment) This part is attached to the fixture and it will eventually lie around the gum line after the fixture
    embedding on the jawline bone.
  3. Crown (Crown) This part will be on top of the gum. It is made of ceramic so its appearance and color are as same as natural teeth.
รากฟันเทียม ฝั่งรากฟันเทียม ราคา

Benefits of dental implant

  • good appearance, looks like natural teeth
  • preserving the jaw structure
  • improve ability to eat and chew
  • support the usage and effectiveness of removable denture
  • substitute to the bridge without any harm to the nearby natural teeth
  • long lifespan
  • easy to clean
  • build personal development and grow confidence

Dental Implant Process

  1. First, the dentist will examine the teeth and plan the treatment
  2. Embed the fixture to the jawline bone
  3. Place the abutment and make the impression of the abutment to make the crown
    Embed the crown

Dental Implant Duration

It usually takes at least 3-6months because it takes time for the fixture to bond with the jawline.

Lifespan of the Dental Implant

The implant can last more than 10 years depend on the aftercare.

Dental Implant at TDH

Dental Implant Brand
รากฟันเทียม ฝั่งรากฟันเทียม ราคา
Nationality Manufacturer

Dental Implant Aftercare

  • brush the teeth and use dental floss at least 2 times a day
  • follow the dentist instructions carefully
  • beware not to infect the implanted area, as well as not to wash your mouth too harsh
  • avoid smoking and drinking with straw for 24 hours after the operation because these may add pressure to the implanted area
  • have an appointment with the dentist every 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

A : Embedding the implant is not as painful as you may imagine with the aid of anesthetics injection before the operation. You may feel the numb, plain and have swollen face after the process, however, taking the painkiller as instructed by the dentist can help relieving the pain.

  • Pregnant woman, it is better to do the implant after giving birth as the procedure may affect the baby
  • Children under 18 years old because the jawline is not fully developed
  • Those who have chronic disease like diabetes and cancer that requires facial radiation therapy
  • Dental implant is not recommended for those who have oral disease such as periodontal disease. The patient should treat this disease before embedding the implant.
  1. Consult with the dentist closely to plan the treatment
  2. Indicate any medical information that may affect the process such as personal disease and medicine taken.
  3. Take a good care of the oral health before the process

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