Having spacing issues but..want to avoid teeth alignment

Spacing issues can be fixed by having teeth alignment to adjust the alignment of the teeth and replace to teeth spaces. However, many people do not want to do teeth alignment. Then, what are the options for spacing issues other than having teeth alignment?


  • natural teeth color fillings
  • fill in the teeth gap
  • fix problems on specific spot

Suitable for

  • minimal spacing issue and no large tooth decay spot
  • teeth are already in good shape
  • teeth whitening is not required

Dental Veneers

  • cover the front part of the natural teeth with highly aesthetic materials
  • cover the teeth that have large teeth gap
  • improve the teeth that have shape problems
  • adjust the teeth discoloration and whitening the teeth

Suitable for

  • minimal-serious spacing issue
  • chipped, worn, misshapen, discoloration teeth
  • whiten the teeth color to achieve beautiful natural look
  • create a perfect smile from every angle
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